Polonezii sunt pe cale de disparitie :))

12 02 2010
Sms primit de la Georgiana, de dimineata. Made my day 🙂

A polish man gets married to an american lady (even though his english is not so good). After 2 years he goes to a solicitor for a divorce.
Lawyer: What grounds you got?
Polish dude: 2 acres with a house.
Lawyer: No, I mean what is the foundations of the case?
Polish dude: Cement.
Lawyer: (sights) Why do you wanna divorce??
Polish dude: Cause she is gonna kill me.
Lawyer: What makes you say that??
Polish dude: I’ve got proof.
Lawyer: What proof?
Polish dude: She’s gonna poison me.
Lawyer: But how do you know?
Polish dude: She bought it from a drug store and she kept the bottle on a shelf in the bathroom.
Lawyer: What does it say on the bottle?
Polish dude: “POLISH REMOVER”




6 responses

12 02 2010

totusi, macar un rezumat in limba romana ?!?!:P

12 02 2010
Joyce Hart

Good one 🙂 Made my day, too

12 02 2010

=)) Eu incep sa cred ca englezii sunt pe cale de disparitie…Si tot ce pot face e sa scorneasca glume din astea geniale. 😀

12 02 2010

@Instantele parintesti: In romana nu are farmec. “Oja” nu suna a ceva nimicitor 🙂

@Joyce: I’m glad.

@Alexandra: Shhhht. Nu mai zi la nimeni 😀

12 02 2010

My lips are sealed. And no Polish Remover will fix that…cause I ain’t Polish, right? 😉

15 02 2010

knew it.
simt nevoia sa zic si eu una din asta in engleza:
two ions meet.
the first says: i think i lost an electron.
te second:are you sure?
the first:i’m positive.

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