Here's to new :)

26 04 2011

– days for the weekly coffee with G.
– ideas to spend weekends
– car (when I don’t hate you, I really love you, Humphrey)
– motorbike (to come soon, in black this time)
– motorbike clothes (to come soon and in red)
– address and home (this will be May’s headache)
– co-workers (who ever you will be, I am a bitch and I yell. Plus, I am the smartest and the best)
– age (I’ll be 19 forever but I’ll settle to tell people I’m 21. It doesn’t even feel strange anymore)
– conversations will people from the past
– attitude.

Yes, this spring kicks ass. I heart this spring. πŸ™‚




One response

27 04 2011

sincer, apreciez mult ultima noutate, aia cu atitudinea πŸ™‚

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