I am giving away books!!! – Teaser

21 09 2012
90% Romanian Version:

Pentru ca space is the final frontier si in cazul meu nu am un Enterprise la dispozitie sa il cuceresc, pentru ca Mada mi-a facut cadou un Kindle simpatic, pentru ca la un moment dat cumparam carti like there was no tomorrow si pentru ca – inevitabil – am ramas fara loc in biblioteca si pentru ca nu vreau sa le arunc dar stiu ca nu le voi reciti, donez carti. Oamenilor care vor sa le (re)citeasca.

Undeva deseara o sa pun si o lista cu ce am de dat si cum pot fi ale voastre. 🙂

English Version:

Because space IS the final frontier and I don’t have access to Enterprise to conquer it, because Mada gave me a cute Kindle for my birthday last year, because there was a point in my life when I was buying books like there was no tomorrow, because my bookshelf has no more capacity to hold all of them and because I don’t want to throw them out but I know I won’t read them again, I am donating books. To anyone who wants to (re)read them.

Sometime tonight I will return with the list of books and how you can make them yours 🙂

This was inspired by Tomata’s books contest 🙂




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