22 10 2013

Because it’s been a while since I wrote anything around here and since I realised, looking (reading) back that I abused my blog as a therapist, I figured I try to make a comeback rambling about what I love. What I used to love. What I may love and not see it.

You know that smell of a new book? Yeah, I love that one. I made several book sales people laugh because every time I enter a bookshop I close my eyes for a second and sniff the air. The same thing happens whenever I am close to the sea. Any sea. Except there are no book sales people to laugh at me there. Rambling on about smells, I love love love how air smells after a heavy rain, like today.

I love smiles. You know, that kind of smiles that you can see in someone’s eyes as well. That moment when someone’s face lights up.

I love summer and heat. I could probably live in a desert. Well, if it had a sea. Or at least a decent sized lake.

I love Christmas and Christmas trees and Christmas lights. Yes, yes, Christmas is in winter but for 3 days I can actually say I love winter.

I love London by night. It is, without a doubt the most amazing place ever. I’ll grow up some day and learn to drive and, if I don’t go to jail for running over all the people I want to (and maybe some innocent bystanders), I’ll drive through London every night for a month.

I love small, colourful things. And cake. And coffee, if it’s properly made. And Red Marlboro. And trains. And seagulls. And surprises as long as they don’t make me forget how to breathe. And endless conversations with random people about nothing in particular.

I sort of needed to remind myself that I used to love writing nonsense as well. 🙂




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